S.P.P. Woven Bags from Nigeria
S.P.P. was founded in 2001, focusing to become a leading producer of PP and PE woven plastic bags in West-Africa. 
S.P.P. manufacture all sizes of synthetic (PP) woven bags for packaging goods like cement, chemicals, and free-flowing goods like fertilizers, plastic granules, sugar, grains etc...

Block bottom valve sacks for Cement & Minerals: S.P.P. also produce: 
Block bottom valve sacks, compact brick shape, renowned for it ease of filling, handling, compact storage and efficient transportation. 
Ideal for cement, sugar, salt, chemicals and free flowing goods. 
Custom made according to customer specifications. 
Standard sacks for food 
Standard sacks with inner liner for hygroscopic goods 
Coated standard sacks for hygroscopic goods 
Color printing is also available on all above bags

For more information send us an e-mail: info@spp-wovenbags.com

Sino PP Woven Bag (Nig.) Ltd.
Km 15, Hadejia Road,
Danzaki Area,
P. O. Box 12717
Kano, Nigeria

Tel.: +234-64-317050 or +234-64-645901
Fax.: +234-64-638185

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